SINFO 3rd Workshop- Topics

The scientific sessions will focus on:

  • Supported organic overlayers
    Self-assembled monolayers, Organics-inorganic hybrid junctions, Graphene/Organic systems, Functionalized nanoparticles, Bio-functionalized surfaces

  • Complex organic architectures
    Organic templates and heterostructures, Charge transfer at hybrid interfaces, Magnetism in organic molecules

  • Applications of Organics for Electronics, Light Emission and Energy conversion
    Charge transport and non-equilibrium processes in hybrid architectures, Donor-acceptor organic dyads, Single molecule devices, Molecular magnetism, OLED, OLET, OPV, OFET, complex circuits

  • Bio-applications and sensing
    Organic sensors for gas analysis, Biosensors for in-vitro and in-vivo application, Electrochemical organic devices